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Author - Annie Veale 
Intro - an interactive article allowing you to select an acronym to discover what it really means and why it is so important to your digital and marketing activities.

Topic areas that satisfy this type of approach are obviously very hard to quantify, however, essentially, they have to provide information, views or thought that is well researched, it may allow knowledge sharing or provide some sort of authentication to values. Sustainability is a good example, it is an area on which many people invest their time and money, they also tend to research and listen to the current topics and developments that are occurring across many market places, whether this is purely as a consumer or for business activities. The content you can create for your business within this topic area are therefore extensive – 

Breakthrough credentials – new packaging for example. 

The process and stats behind your process of change. 

Evergreen topics - recycle and upcycle, energy consumption.

Commenting on other companies' breakthroughs. 

Major markets that are developing at a fast pace – for example the huge topic area of electric car ownership.
News stories that uncover global areas of concern/development. 

Design thinking – those that seek to solve sustainable issues or utilise green tech. 

Policy and company commitments. Some of the above are very quick, visuals, these provide opportunity for identity and branding to come into play, others a much more time intensive article, which in itself allows further opportunities to engage, others represent the opportunity to knowledge share. 

The critical key, as is so often the case, is to ensure it is not ‘sustainable’ for ‘sustainable sake’, unless of course you are a pretentious brand where people purely buy and interact for the sake of pretence.    

Once you have considered your topic areas or threads, you will need to build out your content calendar, identifying the key times and days that your consumers are generally active and then micro detailing such as ensuring the images and messaging are observing headline rules, are eye-catching, are in accordance to your brand guidelines, sharable and supported by a landing page. Additionally, in my opinion, something that many tend to over-look is your social media channel purpose, each does a different thing, it is possible to encourage your customers to follow you across all channels – but why would they if you share exactly the same content?  

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